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February 17, 2008

It’s alive! [Statusbar clock release]

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sbc2.jpg Hello everyone.

Today I want to proudly present you the first application, that was inspired by this blog:

Andrew Olmsted’s Statusbar Clock

I think that I don’t need to explain what it does. The main great idea of Andrew is to use two applets for more visibility of digits and it works pretty solid!

I’m sure that this is just the beginning and many other ideas of community will inspire developers to make them real. Thank you very much, Andrew and thanks all for reading this blog. Keep it up!


January 20, 2008

Chapter II: the Tray Strikes Back.

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As I’ve said before, tray is a best way for gathering required info about the device and software status like battery charge, wi-fi connection and instant messaging status. But right now in Maemo it holds not so much info, that it could and even this info is mixed with “thrash” like application title. In the first chapter of this blog we’ve done some work on the applet amount aspect of tray, cleared it from thrash information and finished with brand new wide redesigned tray. Now let’s work on quality aspect.


January 17, 2008

Chapter I: the Tray.

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Tray is a great feature of Maemo. It really helps you to access all “everysecond” info like battery and connection status, volume and brightness control and some others, instead of digging deep the control panel. Also third-party software can place it’s status icon to the tray, that will help you to interact in some way. For example, Pidgin adds it’s account status to the tray and you can easily access Buddy list by simply clicking on it. On the home screen, tray looks very slick and tasty.

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