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February 13, 2010

Theming for Dummies

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Hello there.

I thought it would be it would be useful and motivating if I’ll describe my way of creating themes. I’ve used it to create Marina in Windows but you can use it in any OS I think. Special thanks to Master Carsten “Stskeeps” Munk for all the info and guides. And here we go.



March 24, 2009

Step Up

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Hello everybody.

Since our OMWeather team hardly working on Maemo 5 version, I’ve finaly forced myself to learn Adobe Flash technology for better interaction between my brain and programmers :) Dynamic UI prototype can greatly increase whole team productivity: designer will see, if his idea is actually cool and tweak details without waiting for actual code to be done by coders, and programmers can see clearly what designer wants from them, not just “I want this think to ppear like “whoooosh!” and then “baaaam!” Got it?”.

So after 1 day of learning Flash and action Script 3 from ground zero, I came with this super-basic, but still pretty stuff :) Click image to see live demo.

omw5This demo represents my vision on how Maemo 5 desktop applets can behave. It’s totally fictional, since we don’t know anything bout applets (widgets) in Fremantle.

Hope you’ll like it!

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