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April 1, 2008

OMWeather 0.2 release

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First of all, I’m very sorry for such a long pause in posting in this blog – I had a lot of work to do. But there are some great news: I’ve participated in two projects. And I want to tell you about one of them today :)

It’s new release of one of the most useful software on NIT — Other Maemo Weather. And I’m very proud to work with such a great talented team. So, let me introduce OMWeather v.0.20 :)I was asked to make new default iconset, instead of”Crystal”. There were some copyright problems so to avoid them OMWeather dev’s decided to replace it and I happily agreed to help them. So I’ve made “Glance” iconset. Hope you’ll like it. other great new features of OMWeather 0.20 — after the break ;)


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