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February 14, 2009

If you thought that two Ti-calculators are not enough…

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… you’re lucky today, cause Marat “fms” Fayzullin presents you the support of 3 more Ti calculators: Ti-83, Ti-83+ and Ti-84+. All of them are packed with my faceplates aswell :)


Comming soon to the Extras repository near you :)


February 10, 2009

Almost Ti85 Emulator Released

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Hello there.
Today I want to announce the release of another piece of software from emu-genius Marat Fayzullin called “Almost Ti85” (ATi85). It emulates full-functional Texas Instruments Ti85 and Ti86 calculators. Marat has asked me if I can help with image faceplates and… well, you know :)
It was very interesting to try to make skins that will be familiar to Ti owners, fit 16:10 screen of the tablets and usable same time.So here are the results:
Hope you’ll like it, cause as more calculators will be supported – more skins will come.
Thanks for reading.

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