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May 6, 2008

Chapter IV: Ready to surf.

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Hello there.

Today we’ll talk again about main feature and main way of use of Internet Tablets — Internet surfing. But not about the window to the web, MicroB. We’ll talk about things, that are very common for every user and that we face many times every day. Actions, that comes before surfing itself. I have some ideas how to make them more handy and seamless. So, let’s begin.

As we begin in every article, lets see what we have now. A connection icon in the tray that opens drop-down menu, where you can select connection and go to the connectivity settings. All looks pretty handy, but in fact it’s not. Let’s count steps, that we take to connect to the internet in different situations.

Added Wi-Fi hot-spot.

  1. Click the icon.
  2. Click “Select connections”
  3. “Exit offline mode?” – yep.
  4. Window opens.
  5. Wait for Wi-Fi to search for all APs.
  6. Click AP that you need.

You’re online in 6 steps and near 15 seconds. Not so fast to my mind. It’s a bit faster with BT connection, cause you don’t need to wait for AP’s to be searched, but it’s totally ruined if you need to connect thru different phones. You need to digg deep into settings to switch the phone.

So, I’ve found easier way to handle all of this. Take a look.



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