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December 28, 2009

2010 UI countdown. #3 – Mer Status Area

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Hello there.

First of all I’m very pleased to see active responses on my concepts, that makes me feel that this work actually worth it, thanks a lot you all. Now, as I promised I’d like to show you a quick concept for Mer status area. Details after the break.

As you remember, we’ve moved all the status data from top bar to the special area to save some space for portrait mode manipulations. To call it you can tap status zone on the top bar or flick from right to left in the Mer Menu. Here’s how it can look:

It reminds Fremantle layout cause this way it can be used in portrait mode and that is important, but widgets are placed within pannable area so you don’t have any limitations. Also, I thought that it would be very handy to have all the radio switches all together in one place, always visible. Widgets addition is made thru hildon menu – consistent and clear.

That’s all for now, please, keep sharing your opinions, Mer is first of all community project so anybody’s opinion counts. Thanks for reading, take care and see you tomorrow, there will be some really hot stuff.



  1. This is just so… BRILLIANT! That will definitely make changing usually used settings much faster, thank you for your effort!

    Comment by ighea — December 29, 2009 @ 17:30

  2. Looks great !

    I cannot wait to see this in real live!

    Comment by anonymous — December 29, 2009 @ 20:04

  3. Love the work that’s going on. The battery “time remaining” and remaining capacity is a nice addition, as we’ve always had to guess at how much we have left.

    Just one thing: Will it be a drop-down like it is in Maemo 5? or will it open a new “window”?

    Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Andy — December 30, 2009 @ 05:10

  4. That does indeed look excellent.

    I’m particularly impressed by the bar showing “No unread messages”. I’m kind of missing the e-mail notification right on your desktop from Symbian and what’s in Maemo isn’t quite satisfying (yet). This would definitely bring clarity to the way I check if there’s messages I’ve missed, as I won’t have to jump into that multitasking dashboard view, which can be confusing to access at times.

    Could there also be a desktop widget or area that would, with a single tap allow you to view the unread messages? It would take you to the same view/program (or whatever is planned to be behind that button) with a single tap? I know there’s the Conversations Widget for that, but its not quite living up to my expectations of it.

    Comment by Chris — January 9, 2010 @ 17:02

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