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December 24, 2009

2010 UI countdown. #7 – Marina Theme

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Hello everyone and Merry Christmas for those who celebrating it!

Today I’d like to tell you bout thing that you probably heard of – a theme for Maemo5/Mer called Marina. Thanks to Urho Konttori and his awesome updated Theme Maker – you can make pretty remarkable stuff for Maemo 5. Every widget and every background is changeable. But as for me, insane perfectionist, uber-customizability of Maemo 5 UI takes much time to draw something complex and unique, since you need to change huge ammount of data. Nevertheless, I’ve found some time to work on one theme and I called it “Marina”.

Details after the break :)

So, the goal was to show user as slick UI as possible, without overacting wth gloss. Something non-distracting but with its “soul”, unique style. After many changes you’ll soon see something like this:

As you can see, buttons became a bit subliminal, you see them but they don’t want you to stare at them. Also calm green and blue colors instead of bright makes the look solid.

And as it’s Christmas here, I have a very small, but handmade present for all of you – since Marina will be backed with proper “Mer’ish” loopable wallpaper – I want to give it to you right now :)





Well, that’s all for now, Merry Christmas again, happy celebrating, hope to see you tomorrow, more cool stuff will be waiting for you :) And thanks for reading ;)


  1. […] 2010 UI countdown. #7 – Marina Theme Hello everyone and Merry Christmas for those who celebrating it! Today I’d like to tell you bout thing that you […] […]

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  2. Sorry if this has been asked but how do we download all your 2010 UI theme and applications!!

    Comment by Gautham Nalamada — December 28, 2009 @ 11:09

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