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April 4, 2009

“” Feedback Post

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Hello world.

I’ve read on ITT forums that new style foe is ready to be criticised by the community and is looking for feedback. As I’m a web-designer aswell, I thought that my feedback would be good advice for guys. But I’d like to mention that I’m not the ultimate truth of any kind so it’s just my humble opinion.

So, here are 8 various mistakes in fresh style from my point of view.

1. Brain Attack.

The most significant mistake is the choice of the style and the way of giving information to the user. Let’s look at the example of the way that our brain is watching the page:


As you can see, main page is not giving user the information, it’s bombing it. User is totally confused bout what he must do next. Those “hot” and “fresh” blocks are good idea, to bring software to the front but now main page looks like some loud market where every trader is shouting as loud as he can. “Check it out! It’s hot!” “And this is new!” “Get involved right now!” “Or maybe you need some help?! I have one!” “AR-ES-ES!!!”. Mostly that happened because of selecting orange color as the main. It’s too loud and pressing color to put it everywhere, it confuses user. Ok, let’s move on.

2. Text Chaos.


If you’ll count text-styles on one screen, you’ll go mad cause there are seven different font styles on one 800×480 screen. if you want to design some serious portal for serious people – make this number look like 3 or 4 max.

3. The White Stripes.


This is sort of styling mistake, cause <hr> is already used for dividing news, you can’t use it in the bullet list (and it’s totally unnecesary same time, bullet list is 100% readable without any additional dividers)

4. Lost “Search” Word.


5. Graphic Mistake #1.


6. Graphic mistake #2.


7. Unclickable Titles.


This bug is mostly annoying for common users cause personaly I got used to click titles and I don’t see any real reason to remove that functionality.

Senseless stuff.


Why not just make it separate block, without that graphical noise that does nothing?

So thats all for now. Many of you would ask “Oh yeah smarty pants? Do something better!” and in my next post I’ll try to come up with something for you :)

Good luck team, most of mistakes, described in this post are easily fixable so cheer up!



  1. I really liked your blog! Keep the articles coming I am going to pass your site to others.

    Comment by Harry — April 4, 2009 @ 22:25

  2. Thanks for the comments/feedback. A few of these issues are known — and will be dealt with. Some other are decisions of the chosen designer which, while we may not all agree with them, are his design (and we are trying to honor that). But, overall, you have documented a bunch of things that I was going to and, I’m grateful that you made my job easier. ;)

    Comment by timsamoff — April 4, 2009 @ 22:51

  3. Wow. You are certainly thorough! :-)

    Comment by jeremiah — April 5, 2009 @ 01:16

  4. Oh, yes! Have been having some of these complaints (especially the first one, about bombing) for a while, but nobody seems to be listening. Thanks for listing this stuff thoroughly.

    Comment by fms — April 5, 2009 @ 09:12

  5. good work!!

    Comment by rafanto — April 6, 2009 @ 15:31

  6. There’s one thing for that:

    Design by committee. and it sucks. I think we learned the lesson, and we will not get involved anymore on those. Useless fight, and when you see the original work (done by andré) turn into this, it’s a pity.

    It’s not a humble decision, you’re right in most of your points, but I would say that it’s the same that you have on amateur “web design” companies: the devs have the final words and change your layout as they will.

    Anyhow, we tried :) good luck with them.



    Comment by Marcelo Eduardo — April 7, 2009 @ 05:35

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