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April 1, 2008

OMWeather 0.2 release

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First of all, I’m very sorry for such a long pause in posting in this blog – I had a lot of work to do. But there are some great news: I’ve participated in two projects. And I want to tell you about one of them today :)

It’s new release of one of the most useful software on NIT — Other Maemo Weather. And I’m very proud to work with such a great talented team. So, let me introduce OMWeather v.0.20 :)I was asked to make new default iconset, instead of”Crystal”. There were some copyright problems so to avoid them OMWeather dev’s decided to replace it and I happily agreed to help them. So I’ve made “Glance” iconset. Hope you’ll like it. other great new features of OMWeather 0.20 — after the break ;)

New unstable version of Other Maemo Weather (version 0.20) is released with exciting new functionality. This version is not stable so please report any bugs you found on it to bug tracker in the OMweathers garage page. You can get this version only from the download section in the OMweathers garage page or extras-devel repository.

Now OMweather can be set to receive weather station location automatically when ever user has an active GPS-connection on the tablet. Idea for this is based on Jussi Kukkonen’s idea Why GeoClue Matters, which is based originally on ideas from Henri Bergius, Tuomas Kuosmanen and Andrew Turner.


To enable GPS-functionality:
Install version 0.20

  1. Reboot internet tablet
  2. Activate OMweather settings and select “Enable station from GPS:” box in the “Locations” tab
  3. Run Maemo Mapper or Map application included in OS2008 and wait for a GPS-fix
  4. New weather station can be found on a “Locations” tab after two minutes.

Version 0.20 has now also it’s own help page in the tablet. It can be opened using tablets help application (My selection/Help) or touching small question mark on top right corner of OMweathers settings window. Default icon set is changed to Glance.

Other new features in this version are:

  • Added finger friendlier way to change weather station
  • Possibility to change weather station order in the settings window
  • “Swap hi/low temperature” setting is moved to other tab in settings window
  • Confirmation dialog is added for station deletion
  • Added new icons to show Moon phase and it’s shown only in the first icon
  • Italian translation has been added
  • New “Combination” layout added (see picture)

Some bugs have been also fixed:

  • Fixed error: while station data xml file is absence, displaying weather data is garbage
  • Fixed error while calculate days offset
  • Fixed error with last icon displaying, when visible items less then 10
  • Fixed error with displaying ‘Feel like’ parameter

But it’s not the end of our collaboration with OMWeather developers team. I shoud say that it’s just the beginning ;) On 25 of April stable version of OMWeather 0.20 wold be released and in may there will be released OMWeather 0.21 – a piece of software that would blow your mind away, I’ll promise ;) And also I’ll raise the curtains on the second project that I was involved in as soon as we’ll be ready to show you quality software. You’ll not be disappointed ;) Stay tuned!


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  1. “Italian translation has been added”: eventough I am good at english (at least I hope ;) ) this is a great news!

    Thanks for your work so far on such a nice and useful applet

    Bye, Omar

    Comment by maxilogan — April 2, 2008 @ 06:57

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